We are SOOO excited to announce our level placements for this upcoming season!

We still have spots available for all of our teams - email us at universityallstars.staff@gmail.com for details on how to join! 

***Athletes with an “*” next to their name have either been invited to CROSS to another team, or are invited to PRACTICE with a team through the summer until pending skill and ability – (You will receive a personal email this week with your specific details)***

(Private tryouts still available through July!)



Amyah Sempah
Ayalah Gminder
Greyson Young
Kensingtynn Guitierrez
Shepard Wood

PREP Level 1 (no age split yet)

Calityn Diaz
Camille Chong
Charlize Carillo
Dolora Mergersen
Gabriella Isidoro
Gigi Wood
Madison Provder
Marlee Berkaw
Pauli Linscomb
Stella Smedley
Valentina Hernandez


Mini ELITE Level 1

Alexis Peter
Callie Perla
Carinne Carvalho
Chloe Post
Delilah Bono
Isabelle Rosales
Kaylee Westover
Liah Sempa
Marlee Berkaw
Peyton Perez
Rhyan Golub
Sawyer French
True Shannep
Whitney Verhulst


ELITE Level 1 (no age split yet)

Alyssa Martin
Alyssa Molo
Anahi Barrales
Angelina Molinari
Ava Alstrom*
Caitlyn Chong*
Carmen Carvalho*
Emma Minson*
Gracie Thompson*
Jordan Sawyers*
Kaylee Binnie
Kileigh Wilcox
Kyleigh Peter
Kyler Reiser
Kylie Nelson
Madeline Franco
Madison Dopps
Madison Lenart
Mckenna Shannep
Railey Berry
Raylin Crunk*
Savanah Mardesich
Sofia Rubalcaba
Tatum Thompson*


Junior ELITE Level 2

Alison Verhulst
Alondra Alicea*
Arianna Baeza*
Ava Alstrom*
Caitlyn Chong*
Carmen Carvalho*
Chloe Ortiz*
Devin French*
Emma Minson*
Gracie Thompson*
Hannah Price
Jordan Sawyers*
Kaitlyn Usary*
Lexi Irwin
Mara Martin
Rachel Botello*
Raylin Crunk*
Stefani Uribe*
Tatum Thompon*
Trinity Barb*


Junior ELITE Level 3 / 4

Alexis Flaming*
Alondra Alicea*
Arianna Baeza*
Ava Jaffe*
Chloe Ortiz*
Devin French*
Hailey Berry*
Kaitlyn Usary*
Mila Crawford*
Rachel Botello*
Stefani Uribe*
Trinity Barb*


Senior ELITE Level 5

Alexis Flaming*
Amara Noon*
Ava Jaffe*
Callie Klaas
Emma Lewis
Hailey Berry*
Mackenzie Reiser
Mila Crawford*


IF YOUR PRIVATE TRYOUT IS SCHEDULED/BEING SCHEDULED FOR THIS WEEK OR IN MAY – Your level placement will be told immediately following the tryout!




2019-2020 Teams

Alpha Angels

Senior 4


Theta Threats

Junior 3



Beta Babes

Junior 2


Kappa Crew

Junior 1


Pi Princesses

Youth 1



Youth Prep 1



Delta Dolls & Dude

Mini Prep 1


Sigma Sweeties

Tiny Pre-Team




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