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Season 2021-2021 Level Placements happening May 15 & May 16!

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Who Are We?

University All-Stars is proud to announce our 13th season in competitive cheer. Simply known as “University” or “UA”, we have truly made our mark on the All-Star Cheer industry over the last decade. With numerous victories under our belts, multiple bids to national championships (such as the US Finals and the D2 Summit Championship), and with our family-centered atmosphere, we will continue to set the standard in high levels of competitive skill and sportsmanship. University offers competitive All-Star Cheer teams for every age and skill level, trained by some of the industry’s best and most qualified coaches. Our primary focus at the beginning of each season is for all athlete’s to learn the proper techniques in all aspects of cheer and teamwork. Competition season starts as early as November and continues through the month of April and potentially May. We will compete at numerous local events and some teams will also travel to other cities, states and possibly countries; such as San Diego, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Arizona, Hawaii, Northern California, Florida, or Canada. Being a part of our program is a complete family commitment of time and finances. We are proud to train well-rounded athletes and individuals who are instilled with skills and principles that are essential to their development and future in all aspects of both cheer and life. Our goal is to train skills while encouraging strong sportsmanship, positive attitudes, self-respect and the respect of others. University is truly a family that focuses on the success of our athletes and teams.

Team Evaluations

2021-2022 Level Placement Results!

Congratulations on completing the 2021-2022 Level Placements! If you missed tryouts and still would like to join the UA family, please contact us to schedule a private tryout!

Reminder that these level placements are based on all around individual and level-appropriate skills that were shown at tryouts and that athletes will have a chance to build and work on their skills throughout the summer until our TEAM placements and solidified age groups and levels are announced at our Skills Camp at the end of July! Please join us for our Mandatory Parent Meeting that will be held on Thursday, May 20th at 6:00pm where we will discuss the season in length, contract details, as well as scheduling for the summer and the season!

Tiny Novice 1

Aubrey Harling

Mackenzie Fisher

Hope Mergersen

Serenity Holiday

Ava Boucher

Emma Mesner

Haislee Clark

Aurora Martinez

Quenn Brady

Asher Langley

Addy Holden

Ember Driesler

Emma Snead

Carmella Villarreal

Malaysia McClendon

America Lopez


Mini Prep 1

Savannah Lowe

Piper Thompson

Saylor Morrow

Agnes Grim

Marlysse Battle

Mia Vasquez

Arieal Haley

Braedyn Apodaca

Briella Perez

Audrey Fisher

Ayala Gminder

Kyla Comer

Bethany Schmersal

Raelynn Martinez

Anabelle Rowe

Peyton Klahn

Sylvannah Landrum

Angelica Langley

Taylor Gregg


Junior Prep 1

Mikaela Burkes

Arcaydia Childs

Faith McMinn

Bristol Herring

Alyson Parra

Aaliyah Kirkwood

Nevaeh Hartz

Summer Morrison

Stella Smedley

Dolora Mergerson

Raylena Baugh

Nichelle Mendez

Maddison Dopps

Angelique Uglalde

Amyah Sempa

Juleyssey Barrios

Amanda Avalos


Elite Youth 1

Kileigh Wilcox

Isabella Gonsalez

Kaylee Binnie

Chloe Post

Serenity Nicole Edwards (Nikki)

Whitney Verhulst

Arisbella Linares

Malia Shannon

True Shannep

Audrey Ferguson

McKenna Shannep

Kyleigh Peter

Gigi Wood

Alexis Peter

Myla Mesner

Kyler Reiser

Liah Sempa

Isabelle Rosales

Camille Chong


Elite Level 2

Hannah Price

Analie Avalos

Lexi Irwin*

Mara-Jade Martin

Kylie Nelson

Callie Perla

Angelina Molinari

Jordan Sawyers

Jenna Eddolls

Kynsli Bangora

Caleigh Rouse*

Raylin Crunk

Raylie Berry

Savanah Hamilton

Ava Alstrom

Arianna Baeza*

Madeline Franco

Delilah Bono

Rhyan Golub

Alyssa Molo

Marlee Berkaw


Elite Level 4

Rachel Botello

Anthony Hopper

Carinne Carvalho

Kaitlyn Usary

Roni Hamlin

Tatum Thompson

Chloe Ortiz

Alondra Alicea

Gracie Cummins

Kylie Klure

Carmen Carvalho

Caitlyn Chong

Emily Suber

Ava Jaffe

Stefani Uribe

Gracie Thompson

Amara Noon

Madison Lenart

Caleigh Rouse*

Lexi Irwin*

Arianna Baeza*

(*) by your name means that you have been selected to cross to the 2 teams that you are listed under. If you do not choose to cross, we will let you know what level to attend.

Did not show up to day 2 of evaluations: Please contact if you would still like to be included!

Caylee D.

Naomi S.

Melanie G.



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